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An Honest Gentleman

By Cordelia Spence & Tim Lane

About An Honest Gentleman

Little is known of Thomas Easter except that he was born in ‘Alsum in Norfolk’ in 1715 and was hung at Tyburn 24 years later. However his was a life packed with adventure and intrigue. From North Norfolk to Putney Heath Easter plied his trade as a Gentleman of the Road, ‘raising contributions upon the public’ and from the little that is known was a dashing and charming rogue. ’I rob the rich to give to the poor’. Ultimately betrayed by an accomplice and comrade he danced the hangman’s jig. Stuff of Dreams will take you on a rollicking Georgian adventure as we delve into the life and times of the Highwaymen of the 18th Century. There will be wine, women and song and where facts are scarce there will be glorious embellishment. An Honest Gentleman’ will undertake a wider tour of the region in the Spring.

Featured Video


  • Geir Madland - Dick Turpin
  • Hayley Evenett - Lady Elizabeth Temperance Fox
  • Quinn Richards - Thomas Easter


  • Al Pulford - Original Photography
  • Cordelia Spence - Director
  • David Hannington - Original Photography
  • Declan Pattison - Lighting & Sound
  • Julia Pascoe Hook - Set & Costume Design
  • Karen Goddard - Producer
  • Paul Stimpson - Fight Choreography
  • Pencil Bandit - Graphic Design
  • Phil Rhodes - Trailer
  • Tim Lane - Musical Director


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