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An Honest Gentleman: Rehearsal Blog 1


By Hayley Evenett.

Day One: And they’re off!

Here we are back in the rehearsal room with the team all back together. It’s crazy to think that the last time we were all together rehearsing was 7 months ago!

We launched straight into a script reading and it was like we had never left. The characters leaping off the page, the jokes and songs, all of us had huge smiles on our faces. The team were joined by Karen Goddard, Stuff of Dreams’  new producer who has been looking forward to hearing the play read aloud.

Once we’d refreshed our memories, we took on some of the songs (to check the harmonies were intact) and then flung ourselves into ACT 1. I was really amazed at how much had stayed with us all since we were last together. An Honest Gentleman is one of those plays that stays with you, that’s for sure!


Day Two: The CRATE Escape

We all arrived, bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for another day. After a tea and a stretch we were reintroduced to the crates we had been using in August. What proceeded was an exercise in ‘ways we could turn the crates into different modes of transport. We built a plane, boat, car and finally a coach. The coach build was a revelation and we found ourselves building this crate arrangement into the play, choreographing a more detailed, workable carriage to ultimately rob.

But the REAL discovery of this rehearsal day was the ‘pushing an apple with a stick game’ which was constructed during and exercise to explore how the children would have played with only sticks and boxes (and Quinn’s lunch!) to entertain themselves!

We launched into the soundtrack for An Honest Gentleman. The songs are absolutely fantastic! The folk music drives the play and leads the story along. It was great to get to sing these again and, from a selfish perspective, my voice was a lot stronger than it had been during the preview so I was thrilled that I would sing along more comfortably and with less worry.

After lunch, a run (or a waddle as our director calls it) of ACT 2, where we found ourselves a little foggy, but nothing that couldn’t be solved over the rehearsal process.

A strong start and rigorous two days that left me feeling tired, but really content.


Day Three: ROPED into it

Third day and this morning was all about the social media take over and giving the cast a lesson in publicity posting. I have to say that I’m particularly looking forward to seeing the posts from everyone. It’s always fun to see the cast getting creative.


Once everyone had recovered from this, we threw ourselves into the aptly named ‘fabulous, athletic robbing sequence’ with our new carriage. Featuring mad chasing, horse hijack, and the best/worst puns ever to grace the stage. You’ll have to see it to believe it folks!