By Patrick Hamilton

About Rope

The action opens into the London flat of Wyndham Brandon in the year 1929 as he, and fellow perpetrator Charles Granillo, are found amidst the aftermath of their first murder. This is, however, not merely a murder of opportunity or chance, but rather the realisation of Brandon’s childhood dream – a ‘passionless, faultless, clueless and motiveless murder’ committed in the pursuit of ‘art’. In light of this, the pair proceed to conceal the corpse (that of their fellow undergraduate) within a capacious chest, inviting an eccentric group of individuals, including the murdered boy’s Father and Aunt, to partake in a feast upon it. As a thunderstorm rages outside, and the tension mounts, emotions run riot as Rupert Cadell, a war ravaged poet and former tutor to the guilty pair, becomes increasingly suspicious of the evenings events.

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