The Bricks of Burston

By Ant Cule & Emma MacLusky

About The Bricks of Burston

We all remember particular teachers from our school days, some we admired and some we feared, but were there any we would have fought to save? At the heart of Norfolk history is the touching and remarkable story of Tom and Annie Higdon, and the courageous children who kick-started the boycott of the Council School in Burston. Lasting over 25 years, the story deservingly earned its place in history as the longest lasting strike action! The Bricks of Burston was an original play which focused on the two inspired educators who fought to change the poverty and injustice inherent in their society. They were blackballed, reviled and persecuted by many but they also provoked loyalty, trust and devotion from those they battled to help. This powerful and touching piece of theatre explored memory, remembrance, relationships and change. In an exciting collaboration with the Burston Memorial Committee and the Trade Union Congress, April 1st 2014 saw the start of Stuff of Dreams’ most extensive tour to date on the 100th anniversary of the day a group of children marched around the quiet lanes of Burston, playing instruments and carrying placards that read ‘We want our teachers back!’

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